Love and hate…

I hate high heels but i love the way they look on other persons feet!

I hate high heels but i love the glamorous look they have!

I hate high heels but i love the fact that they make me taller…

So, as i can’t get any taller than my 1,61 cm (and the +1 makes all the difference to me… although it was a mistake made by the guy who put it on my ID ;), i decided that one of my missions in life is to show women like me that we can look nice, and glamorous, and sexy, and comfy on our flat shoes :))))

i will also share my…

…love for chocolate

…hate for diets (only delicious things will happen here!)

…love for shopping (specially a good bargain)

…hate for expensive things that i want to buy and i can’t!!!

…love for being up until late

…hate for waking up early in the morning

….love for walking (and a bit of running)

….hate for gyms

So what you can expect?

  • Fashion that don’t cause (much) pain
  • Lot’s and lot’s and lots of shoes
  • Delicious food, chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate
  • And a great quest for a healthy way of life for all the good and lazy people like me that like to enjoy the best of life 🙂